Wound Care & VAC

(Vacuum Assisted Closure) Therapy, also known as NPWT (Negative Pressure Wound Therapy) is widely known. It is important to understand how V.A.C. Therapy works deep inside the wound to achieve these outcomes. The following sections describe how NPWT (Negative Pressure Wound Therapy), namely V.A.C. Therapy, promotes wound healing and how its unique mechanisms of action differentiate it from other NPWT devices.

Under negative pressure, V.A.C. Therapy with proprietary V.A.C. GranuFoam Dressings applies mechanical forces to the wound to create an environment that promotes wound healing. These forces are known as macrostrain and microstrain.

General technique for NPWT is as follows: a dressing is fitted to the contours of a wound and sealed with a transparent film. A drainage tube is connected to the dressing through an opening of the transparent film. The drainage tube is also connected to a source, turning an open wound into a controlled, closed wound while removing excess fluid from the wound bed to enhance circulation and remove wound fluids. This creates a moist healing environment and reduces edema. The technique is usually used with chronic wounds or wounds that are expected to present difficulties while healing (such as those associated with diabetes.) Our team of qualified nurses assess all wounds and will help your physician choose the appropriate treatment for your skin.

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