Coumadin/Lab Testing

At East Texas Home Health (ETHH) our goal of anticoagulant therapy is to assist the doctor in monitoring Coumadin testing of your loved one which will allow the doctor to administer the lowest possible dose of anticoagulant to prevent clot formation or expansion. ETHH Skilled Nurses continually monitor the results of the efficacy of the Coumadin Lab Testing and deliver those results to the doctor. This allows your loved one’s physician to adjust amounts and required degree of anticoagulation in order to continually evolve the administered dosage ensuring a safe and effective Coumadin regimen for your loved one.

By using the lowest possible required dose of Coumadin, the physician can minimize the risk of bleeding while providing the benefits of anticoagulation. To achieve this goal, the physician must have a working knowledge of your loved one’s ongoing lab results of how their body is interacting and reacting to the anticoagulant therapy. This essential information is provided to the doctor by the ETHH Skilled Nursing staff facilitating your loved one’s doctor in devising an informed treatment regimen which allows you and your loved ones to enjoy a more full and healthy lifestyle.

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