Diabetic Program

Here at East Texas Home Health, our team is dedicated to empowering your loved one to have a normal life through the effective management of his/her diabetes or other disorder of carbohydrate metabolism.

We understand that when your loved one is diagnosed with diabetes, they fear for their safety as well as uncertainties surrounding lifestyle changes—often for the whole family, and we’’re here to help. Our team of includes:

  • Specialists to assist the doctor to determine the proper course of treatment for your loved one
  • Diabetes Nurse Educators to show you and your loved one how to monitor blood glucose levels and practice other aspects of the self-care your loved one needs to help prevent future complications
  • Dieticians to help plan an individual meal plan for your loved one
  • Medical Social Workers to help you attend to your loved one’s psycho-social needs, navigate the challenges of life with diabetes, and connect with support groups and other community resources.

We establish a comprehensive aproach to manage Diabetes, COPD, CHF and Hypertension in conjunction with the physician; teaching self monitoring, nutrition, and exercise.

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