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Caring, Serving and Enriching Lives…

We will always seek to do what is right for our patients by observing high standards of professional conduct and carrying out our work with absolute honesty and integrity. We will strive to earn the trust and satisfaction of our patients, referral sources, and other clients.

24-Hour On-Call System
ETHH operates 24 hours a day to ensure we are available to you at all times. Standard working hours are 8-5 monday through Friday, however there is always someone available to assist you. The ETHH team members are highly skilled professionals with specialized training. Our staff is hired directly and not contracted. Each of our team members pass rigorous and thorough background screenings to ensure excellence in care for all of our patients.



* Nursing * Palliative Care * Rehabilitative Therapy * Health Education *


For over a decade, we have brought the best in home health to our patients and families in East Texas. As the leading home healthcare, we proudly deliver comprehensive care with commitment and the highest standards of excellence. ETHH has been East Texas's most trusted homecare provider, helping aging parents and all members of the family like yours in need of home care remain safe, comfortable and independent in their own home. Our services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, throughout East Texas. We specialize in short and long term senior care services built on the philosophy of providing independence to our clients. Our caregivers allow your loved ones to maintain their daily quality of life. ETHH Caregivers customize home care plans that fit our clients' needs, giving you and your loved ones well deserved peace of mind.

To Obtain Services

Trained intake clinicians will guide you through the admission process, describe the benefits of home care, arrange for services and verify insurance coverage. We accept Medicare, and other third party payers.


For general questions, physician orders or to contact agency personnel, please call our offices listed below:



14406 Main Street

Chester, TX 75936


Phone:(936) 969-2103

Toll Free: 800-407-0090

FAX: 833-690-7893


"We Have East Texas Covered"

On behalf of our entire team, thank you for considering us for home health care for you or your family members.